What do we mean by 21st Century Skills?

So what's the buzz? If you are like me, you've heard this term over and over. It's only been about the past 18 months that I really tried to get a handle on what is meant by this term. You can check out this link to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills if you want to know about this topic. http://www.p21.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=254&Itemid=120


Here is a list of student outcomes:


I think when I first started hearing about 21st Century Skills, I thought they centered around the use of technology. I, like many others, focused on the technology. Let them make powerpoints, spreadsheets, podcasts, and photoshows and all will be well in the 21st Century. As you can see from the outcomes listed above, there is so much more than technology. How long has it been in this testing environment since we've used terms like creativity, innovation, critical thinking and collaboration? Sure -- technology is a part -- but only a part of what kids will need to be successful in the 21st century. As a friend said, "taking 25 yer-old lessons and adding an icon and a cursor" does not result in 21st Century Skills.

Share your thoughts about 21st Century Skills below the line. What outcomes do you think are essential for the students we face each day?