Wikis are great Web 2.0 tools for working together, collaborating and constructing new knowledge. As people add their thoughts and information you can see how wikis can be a powerful place for you and your students to collaborate on projects.

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In the table below describe your experience with wikis. Have you ever used one? Does it look like something that could be useful?

Experience with Wikis
Kathy Reed
As of last October, I had no experience with wikis (other than wikipedia). I had some experience with blogs and the tools are very similar. I've stumbled around trying to figure out how to take advantage of the tools in the toolbar. I had to learn to make links and add pictures. The biggest problem I had was remembering to SAVE after I finished editing. Nothing takes effect until then.
Shelli Pace
Prior to today, I had no experience with a Wiki. I think that incorporating the use of Wikis will motivate my students to complete homework assignments and also make grading easier for me. Rather than having to carry hard copies of homework assignments, I simply must have computer access to check homework. Wikis will prove to be a useful tool in my classroom.
Mark Folta
I have had no previous experience with Wiki's. I know that wiki's can be created to increase dialogue between colleagues/discussion groups/students. I think there is potential for using wiki's in the classroom, however, several variables can interfere with successful implementation of this tool in education at the secondary level.
Jessica Klaber
I have never heard of a wiki until today. Therefore, I have no experience with wikis.
Darin Prince
Well... I had posted something on here.... but it has been deleted. Haha. But, I have zero experience with wikis. However, I have taken materials from other teachers Wiki sites and I think it could be a great tool. Looking at the history, I think you just forgot to click SAVE before you left the page. Beginner's luck.
Lillian Sims
I used a wiki for a "class blog". I asked students to write their reflections for the day's lesson on the wiki. Many students deleted their classmate's contribution by writing over the previous student's comments. I have also contributed to a class wiki for one of my own courses.
Drew Ruther
I had never heard of a wiki until class. But it did dawn on me that wikipedia must be a wiki due to the fact that users can edit the page. They look useful and interesting. (You are absolutely right! Wikipedia is the "mother" of all wikis).
I have no previous experience with Wiki, which is obvious because I added something that didn't save yesterday...despite the fact that I hit SAVE.....oh well.
Susan Grable
I have been introduced to wikis, but never had the opportunity to explore. I'm looking forward to getting comforable with wikis!
Greg Hayes
I'm here! Wikis are cool!